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Requesting bathroom remodel feedback

Scott Bromley
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

First time poster here. We are remodeling a small bathroom and are about to go into the 3rd week of the renovation. The layout of the bathroom hasn't changed and while we selected the material the contractor is doing his own thing with the tiling. He just finished grouting the wall tiles and is supposed to grout the floors today. I'm looking for honest feedback (the more the better) on the quality of the work so far and how we should proceed going forward. I took pictures to show where we're at.

Here is what the overall bathroom looks like after 14 days:

accent tile around the light switch:

tiling/grouting job in corner of shower:

close up of the grout work with holes, cracking:

cracking in grout in large tiles:

bathroom plumbing, non-flush tile with uneven spacing:

another example of non-flush tile in the shower and tile spacing:

gap along wall and tile:

floor tiles yet to be grouted. some tiles not flush as sliding your foot along the floor you can feel the lip of adjacent tiles:

we had floor boards which are now this. once again questionable spacing:

All feedback is greatly appreciated,


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