Feedback Needed for Bathroom Makeover - paint, gel stain, etc.

Valerie Noronha
10 years ago

I'm in the beginning stages of a cosmetic update of our hall bath which is mainly used by my two DD's, ages 9 and 16; though this doubles as a guest bathroom as well. DH and DS are off this week to check out colleges, so this is a good week to paint, etc. Since the 16-year-old is not that neat and uses bathroom a lot for makeup application, etc. I don't want to do anything too extensive at this time. I know the vanity cabinet and light bar are dated, but it's very practical for my DD's to store all their cosmetics, first aid stuff, etc. and get it off the counters. With the age difference, it's best for them each to have their own drawers and cabinets. I also keep a basket in the over-the-john rack where DD1 keeps her blow dryer, flat iron, etc.

Two colors I am considering are BM Wedgewood Blue and BM Paladian Blue. I'm thinking of using the Aura Bath & Spa paint. I just purchased the rug which is shown in the picture. Please vote on which color you like better or if you think something else would look better. As it's all artifical light, picking a color is a challenge; but I'm hoping to achieve a beachy/spa type look without painting the cabinets white.

Wedgewood blue is shown above the sink:

I only had a bit of my Paladian Blue sample left, but it is the upper one:

I am also considering using a gel stain on the cabinets to darken them. As they are cherry, I don't want to paint, but am open to a darker finish--esp. as the existing finish has some hair dye and water stains. This would be my first project using a gel stain so I don't know much about it, how to use it or which stain to use so any suggestions are most welcome!

I also would like to de-brass the bathroom, though right now it is a combination of brass and nickel with the fixtures containing a combo of the two. I can replace the cabinet knobs with nickel ones and am thinking of using Rust-oleum on the brass parts of the overhead lights (which I had removed). Unfortunately, the shower door with the brass trim will stay for now. I'm not crazy about it, but it's the most practical choice for a kids bathroom. Existing rugs and towels will be go and towels will be switched to white which I think will be most practical as I can bleach them if needed since DD gets makeup stains on them.

I did all the cleaning today and am hoping to paint tomorrow, so please let me know what you think of the paint! Then, I'm aiming for Thurs to do the gel stain (if I decide to do it)>

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