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Tearing my hair trying to help someone with an iPad, is it so differen

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I am trying to send pictures, a pdf file, and text files over a period of time to someone with an iPad, she keeps telling me she receives nothing, is this such a different device that I can't get these things to her. Here is what she responded with the last files I sent individually to her.

"Can't you send me an email? How I sent the dress
that I made was to go to my photos and the picture was in the email
under the subject line, and then I sent it on to you. Remember I'm not
on a computer, but an apple mini iPad. A small hand held device, but
there's no problem for me to send out pictures. Maybe you should go to
google and ask how to send a picture, they might have a YouTube tutorial
how to do this".

If I can send pics, files, and pdf's to a cell phone, or whatever fancy name they have, and I can't send to an iPad, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I do not know of this lady is english, or.... but I have been trying for better part of a week to get a pdf to her with a dress pattern as she can't figger out those diagram patterns. I sent individually, and even zipped, what am I doing wrong? Am I dense about something here?

I mentioned several times about having a computer, and she never said until this this last correspondence that she didn't have a computer. I am ready to give up, and throw in the towel. Is there a resolution to this? I also asked if she had acrobat reader so she could receive pdf files, and she finally admitted that she had downloaded that, but I wonder. any suggestions welcomed.

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