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Replace unit or just compressor advice would be greatly appreciated

9 years ago

My unit is Ruud and is 11 years old. My home is 1352 sq. ft. I'm a first time homeowner and in the 8 years I've lived in the home, I haven't had any a/c issues or repairs. I'm in south Texas, but keep my air at 80 and actually turn it off at night. Didn't have any cooling issues at all this past summer. This winter the first time I turned on the heat, the house was 59 degrees. Around 64 degrees, it went to auxillary heat and at 68 degrees it was blowing cool air and wouldn't reach the 69 degrees it was set at so I called an a/c company to take a look. The tech said the compressor was locked up. He said he tried changing the capacitor but that didn't work and said I would need to replace the compressor or entire unit but he was really pushing me to replace the unit. He said if I changed just the compressor, the coils might start leaking which he said could ruin my hot water heater since the inside unit sits right above the hot water heater. He also said fixing the compressor would just be a bandaid, that I would run into problems if I didn't replace the entire unit. Not sure I trusted this tech, felt like he was using scare tactics. I'm on a limited income so replacing the entire unit will really set me back so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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