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Step Son Help

9 years ago

Hi, Im Rowdy and have been married for 11 years now. My wife had 3 kids when we got married. The father of the kids hasnt been in there lives for a very long time ( other than one time which I will expalin later in reference to my step son ). My oldest Step Daughter is in college and doing well, and so is her sister who is a sophmore in High School. My Step son is 14 and we have been having issues with him for a good 5 years now. I have been in the military now for 12 years and have provided so much for my family and have tried my best with Bryan who I have always given more time and attention to because of the Father Son relationship.
Bryan is very verbally abusive and sometimes even physical to me and my wife. He has a horrbile temper and is on a very low dose of mood stabilizers and anti depression medicine. My wife has Bi-Polar disorder in her family which I have been told can be heriditary ( I prob spelled that wrong ). I at no means am giving him an excuse for his behavior and I expect alot from him in terms of behavior and grades. We have had to call the police a couple times to help us control him and his tantrums. He doesnt do well in school which I am on him alot about. He currently has no access to his Xbox, cellphone, and Ipod which i took from him for his grades. When I took his ipod he began to do his "normal" behavior of calling me a B***, N**** ( I am not african american nor is he ), and pushed me numerous times to get away from him. He told me that he would whip my A** ( not the first time, I am a good solid 175 and hes about 140 wet, I am in the military ) I just dont know what to do.
This has really put a strain on my marriage, and the home environment. My two daughters resent him for his behavior and how he treats me and his mom. I am not sure what to do, I have given him everything I can. I have spent so much time with him and sports games, or playing outside, coaching his teams, you name it I prob have done it. Is this normal? I have read a lot of posts and have had mixed answers. Thought I would put my stuff up and see what I can get. Thanks.

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