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Rescue me: Help for dark and tiny kitchen layout

9 years ago

Hello GW!
I am amazed at the many thoughtful and knowledgeable people here on GW. There is so much information. I have been reading diligently for about 2 weeks and have not even skimmed the surface!

We are the happy owners of a 100 year old house in Maine that is in need of TLC. The kitchen is sad. The previous owners made the cabinets out of some kind of laminate particleboard (there are no cabinet "boxes) the doors come off in your hands. They also put wallpaper across the top to match a soffit on the other side of the room, fake brick facade over real brick, and the range RIGHT next to the wall. It is a thing to behold.

We are about to replace the cabinets and I am hoping there might be some kind souls out there who could help me find the best layout for this awkward and dark kitchen. We have a teensy budget but have found American Woodmark/Shenendoah/Echelon (Armstrong) affordable.
We are quoting all plywood in these lower level brands. I have been to HD, Lowes, and 2 lumber places and gotten quotes around 6-7,500 for maple, full overlay, painted white cabs (non-mitered doors, thank you for this!).

I will attach the dimensions of the kitchen, current pics of it (so lovely), and the designs from the different salespeople via the link below.
**I did not have perfect measurements for these folks so some of the layouts are impossible. I redid the measurements meticulously today for you all.
I know it is awful to ask for ideas and then say "no, no, no" so here are some constraints.
1) We have the dreaded Giant Overbearing fridge in our tiny space. 36 X 31. This is DHs fave so it stays
2) The walls, doors, chimney, and stairs cant be moved. sigh.
3) 2+ cook kitchen: we both love to cook with the kids (6 and 9). Areas for prep and baking away from the stove are useful. Our current set up actually works well with all of us cooking.
4) Counter space is more important than storage for us.
5) We use the peninsula A LOT. It is our prep area next to the range, the kids use it for HW, eating, and to help with cooking.
6) We dont use a microwave (burnt up current one making an all day stock HA!). The over range microwave will be switched out to a chimney hood.
I have SO many questions and do not want to overwhelm you all. Any thoughts or advice are welcome.
Thank you for any and all comments you can provide.

And Now the LOVELY kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: All the Pictures and Dimensions

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