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I need help with my tiny galley kitchen layout! Please advise!

9 years ago

I have learned so much already from this site, but I'm in need of any and all advice for my tiny galley kitchen in our 1920s bungalow.

Things we can't change:
1) There's a non-functional chimney stack in one corner that extends 14.5" W x 5" D into the kitchen space. I'd rather not remove it if possible, because I'm worried about the cost involved.
2) There's only one window, and we're stuck with where it's set
3) We can't move walls (stairwell behind one, hot air return in doorway wall, etc)
4) The right side of the diagram is left open because there's a doorway, hallway, bathroom, and nook off to that side. We can't add cabinets there either.

Things we can change:
No gas line but planning to install one, so open to any ideas for where to place the gas range. Open to moving plumbing and electrical as well. We're planning on custom cabinets to help with layout issues.

Currently, the fridge is on the window wall adjacent to the chimney stack with an electric range set right up against it (they're touching, no counter space in between, so we really can't use the left 2 burners). There is no range hood, and the windowsill gets coated with grease and we set off the smoke alarms every single time we cook.

We have a Thermador 36" built-in integrated fridge that we'll be installing, along with a Wolf R304 30" all gas range. Planning a standard 24" dishwasher and a 15" wine fridge all crammed into this space as well!

These are my thoughts so far:
1) Fridge installed on window wall with left side against the doorway wall, dishwasher next to that, then sink (would have to be small), then 15" wine fridge. We have the T36IB800SP Thermador 36" single door refrigerator over freezer. Can we simply install this in front of the chimney stack? Depth isn't an issue (24" D fridge + 5" D chimney) but not sure about the actual installation. Would want to run the countertops the same total depth for a uniform look. The handle of the fridge would open into the open door space, and it has the freedom hinges to allow flush installation.

2) Fridge immediately adjacent to the chimney stack and then install the gas range centered under the window. We'd have to replace the wood window casing with tile and would definitely install an island mount range hood over the window. The sink would be centered on the adjacent wall, with the dishwasher to its left (our current set-up).

Sorry for the long post. It's a tricky space, and we'd like the most functional layout possible. Hoping you all might be able to help me!

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