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Layout help, please! Tiny '20s kitchen, big problems

14 years ago

A friend of mine is redoing her kitchen, but is lost about where to start. I'm hoping the layout geniuses here can see a fix.

Basics: Her budget is smallish, and she can't move walls. There aren't any walls that are easy to move, anyway, unless she wants to blow out the back of a house with a huge pricey addition. The only possibility is switching the door to the side deck with the window on the same side. However, she really needs an eat-in kitchen for her family--husband and two kids, I think 6 and 11 or something (embarassed to say I forget!) All the cabs need to go, they're falling apart, and the appliances are croaking, too.

She cooks for the family, but isn't a baker or Julia Child wannabee. Appliances will be midrange, but the layout comes first anyway. There IS an exterior pantry down the hall for overflow.

Unfortunately, I'm on a Mac and have no good kitchen design software available to me, as far as I know. So I'm going to post her husband's sketches, plus some photos--apologies if they're hard to read.

Back wall--what you see as you enter from dining room.


Facing left, window and door to deck.


Door leading to dining room.


Other end of the kitchen, facing to the right.


Same end, as if you're standing in the DR door.


The floorplan her husband sketched.


A couple of vague ideas I had about where to put things.


She went to a big box store where the KD suggested leaving everything right where it is!

Any ideas? I'd love to pass some along.

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