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help! tiny kitchen remodel-layout, recessed lighting & sink size

Hey folks - I'd love any advice you can offer on the remodel of my tiny kitchen. Advice re: layout, recessed lighting and sink size especially.

Taking down walls are not an option so we are stuck with the current foot print. The stove (30" wide and true counter depth), dishwasher (standard 24") and refrigerator (Width: 23 7/16 Inch, Depth: 24 7/16 Inch, Height: 68 5/8 Inch) are all purchased, so not way to gain space there. We all have a plumbing vent in one corner (between the windows) and the stack for the whole house on the short wall next to the window that we need to work around.

Our current set up is super dysfunctional - the refrigerator partially blocks the wall, we have no external venting for the stove and the smoke alarm goes off constantly and there cabinets form an L that goes into the hallway portion. I've attached a plan with measurements and some images that show the new layout I am considering. We would add some open shelving on the wall by the sink/Windows. Other layout suggestions?

I'm also planning on adding recessed lights. I'm thinking 3 in the hall, 3 in the kitchen and 2 over the open work surfaces - is this too much? Would it be better to use two rows? Can I get away with 4" or should we use 6"? I read that with cabinets, the recessed lights should be 36" from the wall to avoid shadows on the counters...the cabinets (except over the refrigerator) are 15" and will will likely add down lighting and lights within the top glass cabinets.

As far as the sink goes, we're looking at KOHLER Prolific 23 inch Workstation Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink (SINK SIZING: 23" x 17-3/4"). It's pricey, but appreciate the functionality. I know it the cabinet will need to be modified to fit it, but I'm worried about having enough space for the faucet...

We plan on adding two rails to the hallway for pots and pans

Any and all help would be appreciated!

Anything else I should be thinking about that I'm not?

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