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August reading

16 years ago

(from the July thread)

>I just returned from a month away myself and read the Atwood on Monday for a bookclub meeting on Wednesday and then read The Painted Veil Tuesday for a bookclub meeting on Thursday. I loved The Painted Veil! Books on redemption are among my favorites and this has, after all, been the month of HP and of Lord Jim for me. I look forward to reading more of Maugham.

Chris, PV was my first Maugham and I have been hooked ever since (btw the movie adaptation is interesting; very different from the book, but it works) Read Razor's Edge, Moon and Sixpence, Mrs Craddock, Theatre (movie adaptation - Being Julia) - not necessarily in that order. I also enjoyed his short stories but can't find my collection for a title. Enjoy!

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