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It's March, already! What are you reading?

13 years ago

I just finished Marcel Pagnol's wonderful duo, his coming-of age memoirs about his early childhood in southern France: "My Father's Glory" and "My Mother's Castle." Such a treat to read, with marvelous depictions of the unique landscape, folkways, foods, and family life of Provence at the turn of the last century. I can almost smell the wild thyme and the roasting partridge.... These are books after my own heart.

Now I am thoroughly engrossed in "The White Garden" by Stephanie Barron, a fictional mystery based on the life of Virginia Woolf. It reminds me somewhat of "Possession". At any rate, it is "unputdownable." (coining a new word).

Waiting on the TBR pile is "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo." I was finally able to find the S. Larrson books, after a long wait.

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