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How has the downturn in the economy affected your holiday plans?

14 years ago

I recently was interviewed by a national magazine about how the current economic situation will affect this Christmas season for me.

Apparently they were surfing Facebook sites and came across an article I had written about a tough Christmas we had back in 1964.

Well, we have never overspent on Christmas,or resorted to credit cards,so I'm use to living frugally even during the holidays.

For example,last Christmas my gifts to my grown-up kids were home made breads,cookies and preserves.I had picked up baskets at yard sales over the summer,and with cellophane and ribbons from the dollar store,I must say they were very well received.

We are both retired this year,and living far away from our kids,so a small gift certificate from their favorite store in a card with a hand written letter to each one reminding them of how much they are loved and missed will be the extent of my Christmas shopping.

Living on a small pension and limited savings we are feeling the pinch.

My kids and grandkids are also cutting back due to the current economic situation,and I'm betting that other than missing each other very much...Christmas will still be a happy occasion,and since they will all be gathering together at my daughter's home to will be all about family,love for each other and the true meaning of the season.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is...Have your holiday plans changed due to tough economic times?

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