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Two Hints for copying things from here

12 years ago

I wanted to share this way to copy things from the internet and these forums and pasting them into documents for your files

I used to copy and paste and then have to clean up a lot of garbage (like margins and pictures I didn't want) that would copy along with what I wanted.

Now I do the copy like always but when I click on a blank WORD document I go and hit the EDIT button and choose PASTE SPECIAL

Then I scroll to Unformatted Text and hit enter.

What I copied will print on the page in whatever font size etc I am using and there isn't a lot of garbage to clean up.

I discovered this last year and I think it is the most valuable hint I've found. Hope you can understand and use it.

This hint I found on the Computer Forum here at Garden Web.

Sometimes one of my Word documents is hard to read because it is in regular font and size and just not bold enough to view easily . I go up to the right hand where there is a little box which usually says 100% in it . I can change that to a different percent that is how your screen looks it will show your document at 75% on the page or other Igo there and clear that and type in 110 and hit enter and almost magically the document I'm reading is increased and also bolded somewhat for easier reading on my eyes. Hope you understand and can use this hint too.

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