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Kind of off topic

9 years ago

My kids are fairly new home owners and Christmas is coming. I am wanting to buy them really practical things, not too expensive but kind of special too. They are 30'ish. Just wondering if you have things in your home that make you really happy - like a special iron or door knocker or the perfect hangers or ipod speakers, etc.. I bought by brother some gizmo that looks like a giant donut but had rave reviews as the perfect extension cord holder/dispenser. One of my kitchen favorites is my pile of cheap Walmart washcloths - white. They are my dishrags, baby face wipers, towels, paint rags, floor wipers, hot pads - everything in one drawer. I like that they are bleachable and disposable - guilt-free because they are so cheap. No, I don't mean anything that cheap, ( def. under $100 though). Just wonder if you have had gifts or bought yourself anything that you just really appreciate every time you use it?

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