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I am re-wiring my kitchen and need advice on microwave outlet

16 years ago

I have a very full main electrical box so I have to be very careful how I plan out my kitchen.

I have a dedicated breaker for the following:

range (50 amp/240 volt)

disposal (15 amp)

dishwasher (15 amp)

in-ceiling lights (15 amp)

I was planning to combine the refrigerator outlet with the undercabinet lighting. I don't think I need to run dedicated and need to find another breaker that makes sense to combine it with.

I have an over the range microwave and a now open 20 amp circuit with 12/2 wire terminating in a junction box below the kitchen floor. I am tempted to use this to run a dedicated line to the over the range microwave. Is this necessary? Or would I share the microwave with the other outlets used for small appliances around the kitchen counters?

For the outlets above the kitchen counters I was advised to run double 20amp breakers shared with the GFCI outlets.

Please let me know what I should do in this situation.

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