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Advice needed re: wiring connection

14 years ago

Hello All,

Writing to you from Ontario, Canada. Would like some information/advice from anyone who might the answer to this question/inquiry. I have a light in my kitchen that on further inspection today is actually powering 3 lights, that one, another one in the kitchen & upstairs powder room. We will not be moving this light. What we'd like to do is put in a pot light & connect it to another pot we will retrofit into that space. The problem is that the retrofit box will not accomodate that much wiring. SO...can we keep all wires in the junction box as is, and connect it to the potlight housing leaving it blank in the hole? I couldnt find the answer in the code book or rather there were no areas I found this in. I know that hidden junction boxes are not to code as they are not accessible, this one will be if you pull out the pot light as we'll connect it to the retrofit box. My brother in law, although not licensed,is very knowledgeable & rewired his entire addition in his house (all passed inspection). He is a stickler for doing things according to code. I am thankful for this cause I'll have peace of mind the wiring is legal. If I cant find the answer here, I suppose we'll have to call in an electrician. Hard to do though, they dont respond to calls & they're too busy for a small job like ours. Hence brother in law to the rescue.

Thanks again,


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