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Wallpaper woes

13 years ago

I posted the first two quotes in the kitchen forum yesterday. Read on:

"we came back to NY this week to celebrate DH birthday and see family. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the tile goes in correctly in the guest bath."

"I wouldn't have realized that the wallpaper store never ordered our wallpaper and it's due to be hung in 3 weeks and takes 4 to get here"

Realize that her machine stopped working the day we came and it was a Saturday. She was supposed to call me that Monday to let me know she placed the order and charged our card. I was mentioning to DH the other night that our paper should be in soon. He said, "I don't think I was ever charged for it." Sure enough, the bimbo was waiting for us to call her even after she and her partner specifically said they'd put it through on Monday (3 weeks ago).

Well I haven't heard back about the guest bath but today I got a call from the wallpaper store. We ordered the paper this past Monday, the wallpaper guy is due to come in less than a month, and today I get a call that they were trying to call me yesterday. I was on a plane from FL to NY. Apparently the wallpaper I love for the back wall of my DR, the wallpaper that is a perfect match to the wilmington tan on the rest of the walls and a perfect match to my subway tile in the kitchen that the wallpaper ends at, the wallpaper that repeats the linear feeling in my rug in my LR (open space), the wallpaper that is a string with a print on it in the same color so it gives a pearlescent look to the strings while the print is barely visible, HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED! This after they double checked while I was there on Monday and the distributor said they had it in stock. Well it turns out that I needed 15 yrds and they had it but it was misprinted so now they only have 6 yrds. They will reprint it for me if I take 100 yards! Wow, how big of them.

To say I'm upset is an understatement! I should have known since I couldn't even find the wallpaper book online. I spent 2 hours in the wallpaper store today trying to find something that worked with the wilmington tan, and nothing. Now I don't know what to do. In Florida no one makes flat walls; they always put a texture on them. Well this wall was left "flat" for the wallpaper. I have a project I must finish in the next three weeks, and have no more time to spend looking for wallpaper. I'm furious and upset.

Now if next week when I get back to Fl they dare say I can't get my $50 back for checking out their book (it was being applied to the price of the wallpaper) I will be on the phone to the BBB, etc.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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