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Comcast strikes again - bad internet cable wiring

16 years ago

I hope this belongs to this forum...if not I appologize.

We had Comcast out for some problems we were having with our internet. The tech decided that the best thing to do was to re-wire. He re-wired from the box outside bringing it up to a second story bedroom and poked a whole in our vinyl siding bringing the wire into the house and just poked a hole in the drywall and then wired black cable wire 30 feet around the baseboard molding of our spare bedroom...eventually connecting to the computer.

Does this sound right?

First of all, they never sealed the outside where they poked a hole into our vinyl siding. I am worried about water damage.

Second of all, they just poked a hole into our drywall and fished wire through instead of installing a cable wire connection plate on the wall.

Third of all they installed horrible looking black cable wire over 30 feet around the white baseboard molding of our room, instead of fishing it through the wall or down through attic (internet is installed in a second story bedroom). Or at the very least they could have installed white cable.

I also have no idea what happened to the previous wire...which was fished through the wall and connected to our computer.

I have complained to Comcast and they are coming out to fix the work. How should it be installed to I can tell them exactly what I want them to do? I am thinking at the very least the exterior holes should be sealed and the wire should be fished through the walls (not black wire all around the white baseboard molding of our room).


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