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Any satisfied Comcast users????

15 years ago

I hope I'm allowed to blast comcast because I've had it! We went with the package, phone, internet and TV, way back in Feb., and it has never been right....The TV keeps going out, they come and change the box, then they change the wires, then they scratch their heads....My computer isn't right, I've had a tech person either on the phone or in the house every week for months, they scratch their heads...But every month, they deduct their payment from our account, right on time, no problems....We are kind of locked into this until the 1st of March and I'm not sure what I'll do, but it sure won't be with Comcast....My daughter called about her's and was told, it has to be something in the house or her TV, not Comcast...They have NO unsatisfied customers!

So anyone else want to vent or give me a suggestion.....

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