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I hate Comcast , I hate Comcast, I hate Comcast.

12 years ago

Can I say it again? I HATE COMCAST!!!

I'm sorry to rant, but I'm beyond frustrated. If my dear sweet husband would ever agree, I'd drop them in a heartbeat and never look back. Maybe some one here will have a brilliant and affordable alternative that will help me reach this can only pray, and believe me, I DO!

Every day for hours at a time, our service will run slower than molasses. There's no rhythm or reason, specific time or pattern and it's been happening for months. When it does, it's can take up to 45 seconds or more for one page to load and watching a program via streaming is impossible. So not only are we paying for internet service that's sub par, but we're also paying for Netflix and HuluPlus subscriptions that can't be fully utilized. At first we thought it might be on our end, so we bought a new more sophisticated router but it didn't help. So Comcast was called and on EASTER Sunday a technician was at the house. He tested everything every which way and declared it was an outside issue. A "special" maintenance team would have to come to repair it and they'd be out within 24 hours. Great.

Well, there was no change in our service 48 hours later and I called AGAIN. During that hour I was on the phone, I was first told by someone who apparently was on her first day that there was no ticket for the maintenance call, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor John in Canada said there was a ticket but it been completed and closed already. He could generate a new one, but it would be the 17th before anyone would show up which meant we had to wait over a week for the fix. He said he'd try to get it expedited and call me to confirm but of course I never heard back from him. Grrr...

Over the weekend, it was beyond slow so slow I called to see about expediting the repair myself but Supervisor Lori in Dallas said, no, no, no, this is a special maintenance crew coming out and they're booked solid, Sorry!

Fast forward to this morning and at 8:00 sharp I get a call from a normal tech who says he's on his way to fix whatever issue we're having but his supervisor asked him to find from me what the issue was "because they HAD NO CLUE"!! :c(

When I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor that this was not what I had been waiting for, the technical supervisor basically refused to speak with me and told the tech instead to just check the line outside and he'd call after he got the paperwork. When I didn't hear from him, I called Comcast only to find out that lines were reported as fine and they CLOSED THE FREAKING TICKET!!

The tech who was here on Easter told us he was about to graduate engineering school and it was obvious he knew a lot more than the average techs they usually send. He and my husband spent some time talking about this stuff and the guy showed us how we could verify our modem status and know if there was really an issue. When I check the modem, the upload numbers are still higher than he said they should be at and that confirms something is still wrong. I just called to talk to yet another supervisor (Cole in Denver) and now I'm having to start at step one all over again. I have no way to contact any of the supervisors I've already spoken with and the supervisor at the technical center isn't answering his phone.

I seriously believe their internal structure is set up in a way that is meant to keep you going in circles until you either finally give up or loose your mind trying.

Comcast is the only high speed internet carrier in our area. The only other options we have are ATT (DSL) & Satellite (which are slower in speed and have even lower ratings).

So far I've been told three times someone would call and I've yet to receive one. I just want to scream. It's nothing but a great big monopoly with no accountability. They simply know they have us by the cajonas and as a consumer, we're screwed.

Oh BUT of course, I could increase our speed level and pay more every month for their crappy service, even though we are already at a level that THEY promised would match our needs the last time we upgraded!

If you made it through my rant, thanks for listening.

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