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Today I am a bad mom and person i have decided! sorry venting. .

14 years ago

I was about seven minutes late to my daughter's preschool xmas program and got there and they were already done. Turns out they started early and a few of us parents even the ones on time missed it because they started early and the little ones only sang a few songs. I was SO PISSED! I let her preschool teacher have it a bit. I told her it was hard for parents to get off of work and they should not be starting things early. I also told her "I am really pissed." However, I did it in front of other people and I feel guilty now. I also told the asst director with tears in my eyes as I stormed out that they should not start things early. I was not the only parent that was pissed, but the only hot head that said anything about it. I feel totally horrible. I was a few minutes late which of course the teacher pointed out, but why start early when you know parents are coming. I just feel like a horrible mom for missing this short program. I am probably over reacting, but I missed it and I feel bad! I also got mad at DH, told him I dont love him, and called his ex a lying b#@$^ which is true, but still. Now I am behind in work and have to go to the gyno soon! God D@## it!

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