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Refinish old solid wood doors or install new hollow doors

12 years ago


This is a x-post with remodeling as I was advised that the woodworking forum may be a better fit. Hope you guys can guide me.

We are remodeling a house built in 1940s which has all hardwood doors that are very thick (I am not sure what kind of wood but an older neighbor says they are redwood). The doors are solid but have a kind of rough finish and are quite dark. I feel we should refinish them (maybe sand and polish them) but DH thinks that it would be simpler to just install new mid-range interior doors. Any advice? Has anyone done this? Our DIY skills do not extend to this project and we would likely need to hire someone to do it. Any tips on how to find such a person and what equipment they would need to do this economically?

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is a link that might be useful: Should I refinish these old wood doors?

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