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My Husband is nasty to my daughter please please read

21 years ago


My husband of five years is nasty to my daughter who is 16.

Is not what he says just what he does not say. He will not say hello how was your day, or congratulate her if she does well. He resents what I do for her, hates her borrowing my clothes makeup etc.

He has 2 sons who live with his ex and visit every weekend, he cannot do enough for them and it seems that this is the only time he feels he is a father, cooking them dinners ( he will never cook for my daughter) treating them to takeaways. They are 14 and 17.

Its like he wants her to fail, he says she is a princess and has had every thing she wants which is not true. My daughter father killed himself when she was 7. I really need advice. I dread my daughter and him coming in contact as she will try to seek aproval and he will ignore her or make comments. His answer is well she will be leaving home soon so we don`t have to worry. But she will always be my daughter and i`don`t want to lose her. At the moment she hates him and so do I should I leave him, I can`t bear to see my daughter so unhappy.

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