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Can someone please explain roundup damage (for my husband)?

15 years ago

I have argued with my husband for years over using roundup. I've even gone so far as to hide the roundup bottle. My next step was to just throw it away. All that did was make him angry that he had to spend more money to go buy more. He insists it will only kill what it comes in contact with. Now that I think it has possibly damaged my roses, I have asked him once again to please, please not use it anywhere near my roses. He refuses saying it is ridiculous to think that roundup caused any damage to my roses because he never sprayed them. How exactly does it damage the roses? Does is just drift to them in the air? What causes the wierd growth after this happens? Why don't the plants die, is it just because enough roundup didn't get on them? If I can explain to him exactly what happens I will be more successful in getting him to quit spraying. Now, I may have caused some of this damage myself since I did brush some roundup on weeds very close to my roses. I thought brushing would be safe, but I didn't know about the "drift" problem

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