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Step son who needs counseling ... Bio-Mom refuses

12 years ago

I need some advice on what to do about my 8 year old step son. I have known my fianc� ( we will be married in march) for 15 years and have known his son since birth. He has had emotional Problems for a long time. He does not comprehend cooperative play. I have 2 bio children of my own one 7 year old boy and one 6 year old girl. Both of my chIldren play together and help each other. Of course they bicker as a siblings do, but it is nothing compared to when my step son arrives. He threatens them both physically and verbally. He lies constantly to watch others get in trouble and will pit one child against the other to see what happens. This behavior does not stop with them. He also lies to me and my fianc�. I know that alot of his actions with other children existed before my fianc� and his ex got a divorce, but they have been exastribated by his mother. She treats him as if he is 2 and speaks baby talk to him all day. She has taken all of his chores away, because he is suddenly "to little" for chores. She reminds him all the time that his dad doesnt love him as mug as she does. She is unstable and it is wearing off on him. My fianc� and she share joint custody, an he has suggested to get him into counseling many times, she refuses to get him help. It is causing a lot of turmoil in our home and I just dont know how we can help him find healthier ways to act and cope when he is frustrated. To put things into perspective, the example he gets at his bio moms house is stealing our mail. Breaking and stealing things out of there old home that my fianc� was awarded. She has a host Of mental problems her self... And I am at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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