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Please help with some kitchen decisions...

15 years ago

Hi All - we are making small updates to the kitchen in order to make it through the next few years - til we can completely overhaul it.

We have painted the cabinets, started replacing the appliances, vinyl tile floor, and now we need a countertop.

Because the footprint may change when we redo - we want to go cheap. Also, since the corner is angled we can't just purchase the pre-formed laminate at HD or lowes. So we decided that we are going to get sheets of formica and/or laminate and re-laminate over the exsisting counter. The countertop we have isn't in terrible shape - I just want something that will go more with the overall look of the kitchen now.

Please help me pick a counter and if anyone has photoshop skills and time - can you mock it up.

Here is kitchen when we moved in - after we painted...

Here is after painting and some updates:

Here are some of the ones that I found on the Formica site:

Some are found in the stores and some would be special order.

here is the other side of the kitchen. This is an old pic with the old floor and there is different artwork on the wall by the table. also we plan on painting the hutch black (I think)

It is possible the color of the kitchen will change. I know DH has been talking about a reddish rust color - not sure what it will be - but just so you know we are not planning on keeping the green forever.

We are going to be putting in a hardwood floor in about 3 weeks - so I am going to try and get this project rolling while we are waiting for the floor to acclimate - I don't think its going to be too long of a project.

anyone do this and have advice?

Thanks in advance.


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