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Step Family Life Stories needed for a new book

18 years ago

A Step-family Book in the making....and we need your help.

After 3 years of marriage, my husband and I continue to have difficulty with our relationship with his 2 children from his previous marriage because his ex-wife continues to subtly manipulate them into turning against their dad, all the while portraying herself their dadÂs victim.

Additionally, she's convinced the kids their dad deserted them (My husband caught her in bed with another man whom she married before my husband and I met & married. My step-son was in the hallway & witnessed the entire fiasco, but has since been convinced by his mother, step-dad, & maternal grandparents that his sister was in bed with their mother & their now step-dad was "sleeping on the couch."), told them we were going to kidnap them, also told them that if they came to visit us terrorists would blow up the plane, plus so much more too painful to detail. My stepson openly treats his father with disdain, picks arguments, and ridicules his Dad and me at every opportunity, of which we discuss and apply consequence when needed. My husband and I do not talk about his ex-wife in front of the kids because we don't want them to have any negative feelings about their mother. We feel this wouldn't be fair to them when they have enough to deal with already.

In my quest to help my husband, "our" kids, and our family, I've researched so many topics from Parental Alienation Syndrome, Medea Syndrome, Malicious Mother Divorce Related Syndrome, Revenge syndromes, plus countless others. Some clinical studies are available, but not much from the Dad's point of view.

In our quest for help and information, we have discovered that this is quite a taboo subject that most donÂt want to openly discuss. Not every Dad is a deadbeat dad, as commonly portrayed by literature and media, and thereÂs not much information readily available to help the Dad in crisis from the DadÂs point of view or the stepfamily, for that matter.

WeÂre trying to change that and we need your help!

If you or anyone you know is:

 involved in a similar situation

 dealing with any of the above syndromeÂs mentioned

 coping with any divorce related issues regarding their ex and children

(from transferring children to holidays, to every day issues, plus countless othersÂ.)

 involved in difficult international custody and co-parenting issues

 able to offer resources (ie legal and personal)

and would be willing to share them for possible publication (with names and locations changed for privacy/security), please email us your story, including a permission for use statement, at

We are seeking specific examples and issues from both the DadÂs and the Step-MotherÂs point of view. Serious interest and replies only. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

TR Connors

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