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Stepson won't move out.......I'm ready to blow up!

17 years ago

This situation has been going on for 2 and a half years now and I've had enough. My stepson has been living with us since he was 17. He is now 24. Two years ago him and his girlfriend had a child together. When he told my husband and I about this my husband asked what his plans were going to be regarding getting his own place and providing a home for his child. We also told him that him and his girlfriend created this situation and needed to be responsible about it and that we were not going to be responsible for their decisions. He said he needed a year to save up some money and then he would move out. We said ok. Well, that year came and went. During year 2 him and his girlfriend broke up. She's living with her parents and has no plans on moving out. He told us that since they broke up his plans got messed up and he needed another year to plan on moving out on his own. Again we said ok. Well, that year came and went also. In the meantime, we told him he could have his child here one night during the week and every other weekend, which he said was fine. After a while he wanted more days and we said no. Now instead of getting his own place, he carts the child back and forth most of every week from our house to his Mother's and his Brother's just so he has somewhere to go with his child. When we told him this was not fair to the child, he blamed us because he can't have the child here more. It's gotten to the point where his Brother said he can't come there anymore because it's disrupting his family time with his family. This past February my husband told him he has until June 1st to move out and he's not getting anymore time. My husband and I did some research and found several apartments available in our area that he can afford. My stepson said he looked at a few but for some reason is waiting on one that is still occupied until the end of May. Instead of going for one that is available now he's waiting on this one. I think it's to buy time and then he's going to tell us that something came up at the last minute and he can't get it now and again he will need more time. He has about 2 and a half to 3 weeks left and hasn't even packed anything to be moving in such a short time. I don't think he's planning on moving and I am fed up with the lies and games we've been getting from him and I want him out now. He doesn't even pay rent here, pitch in for groceries, clean up his room, or help around the house. I'm ready to blow!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!!!

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