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Child Support

16 years ago

For those of you who complain that the CP is asking for more child support and you believe it is not being used for the children, why not offer to pay for things you know will directly benefit the children in lieu of paying additional child support (and/or lawyers)? Why not pay for all of the sports, the activities, the school lunches? Why not give the CP gift cards to the grocery store? - I have heard of NCP complaining about the CP spending too much eating out, but I have never heard anyone complain that the CP eats up all the cream of wheat and lets the children go hungry. Buy her (or him) a reliable vehicle so your toddler doesn't get stranded with the CP on the highway.

I would be ecstatic, and a lot better off financially, if my exH paid for all the groceries (of which I eat a relatively small proportion - maybe a bit more than my 12 year old, but way less than a teenage boy), and all the kids' activities.

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