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Another dissatisfied SM with BM & child support

15 years ago

I just get so frustrated about my fiance's ex wife. She complains all the time that she doesn't have money even though she gets child support and has a masters degree and earns $50,000 a year and then she has the nerve to ask me, the fiance of her ex (who is disabled) for money!!!

I guess when they were together they earned over $90,000 a year and she made him pay all the bills and she kept her money separate to do whatever she wanted with it. Now that I am with him she feels she can ask me to pay for things as well. She goes out to eat everyday (which I cannot afford to do) and sends her child over here with either no jacket or sneakers that are way too small!!

It makes me frustrated because she doesn't take care of her child and wants everyone to feel sorry for her. She loves to feel like a 'victim' and lives off of sympathy. I just can't get involved with all the stress anymore because it becomes ridiculous.

I guess I am just venting.....

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