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Paying Child Support for a child thats living with you

21 years ago

My husband is paying about 325.00 a month for his/our 8 yr old son, my stepson, which has been living with us for the past year. We buy EVERYTHING for him and paid for daycare which was 160.00 a month while he was in school. His mother basically gets him when she feels like it, doesnt bother calling to see if he needs anything or even ask how he's doing. I contacted her to see if we could all talk about the situation as adults and she went on to say that since IÂm not his biological mother, I have no say so. Even though IÂm the one who cooks for him, helps him with schoolwork, fixes his boo boos and so forth. My husband doesnÂt want to deal with her cause sheÂs mentally unstable but I keep telling him that she does what she does because she knows he wonÂt do anything. As for me, I donÂt like the idea of sitting on pins and needles, feeling like I shouldnÂt discipline him because of her. Our son has also picked up the habit that you do what he says cause he cant stand not getting his way, just like her and needless to say, its causing a lot of tension between me and my husband. If anyone has any advice, please help.

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