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Granite Installers installed wrong sink!

10 years ago

My first post here. I have so enjoyed seeing your remodels and advice. Thought I would pout a little bit here.... Was hoping my first post would be before and after pics!

We have been in the process of remodeling our kitchen. We just purchased our home in September. We chose our granite and a couple of weeks ago the guys came to template (we had to remove our sink and countertops for templating). We have been without a working kitchen and it stinks.

Granite was installed yesterday and had a plumber lined up for today! Finally no more using the bathroom sink!

Problem is - they put in the wrong sink. We spent a little more money to keep things simple and buy the sink from the granite installer. How silly we were. The larger bowl was to be on the left and the smaller on the right. They put in the opposite.

I have tried to accept it, but it is just so backwards to me. Hubby went to their place today, all of our specs show the correct sink. Guy that cut the granite just messed up.

They agreed to redo our granite as soon as possible, which I appreciate, but am pouting as I love the slab we have AND do not want to live any longer like this. Hubby assures me slab he saw looks like ours.

We chose River Bordeaux Granite - love the color and flow of it.

I will post before and after pics very soon to share. I know how I have enjoyed seeing your pics!

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