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Resenting husband for enabling disrespectful step kids

14 years ago

Does anyone else find themselves resenting thier husbands? I am starting to really resent my husband for enabling his kids. They walk all over him at think they are in charge of our home and our personal lives even though they have homes and families of thier own. My husband is like an ostrich, he sticks his head in the sand and disenvows any knowledge of what is going on. Outside of this one fault, he is a very kind hearted, patient and gentle man. I love him, but my life has become H-E double hockey sticks since we married. I draw lines with my own adult kids and they understand that there are boundries. His children are entitled, selfish, grown adults who feel it is thier job to run our home. I avoid them at all costs even if I have to find something else to do if they are coming over. I resent this, but I am tired of talking to my husband who is just like talking to a wall. I don't really resent the kids that much because I feel like thier father has taught them to treat him (and subsequently me) this way.

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