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Help--How do I build living room around loveseat?

11 years ago

We just purchased our first home. Now, I'm losing sleeping trying to think about how to furnish and decorate it on a budget!

I want to start with our living room. When we were living in a rental house with a small living room, we purchased an Ikea Karlstad Loveseat in Kondal Green. I like the lines, but I regret the size. It's fine for two people sitting, but you can't lay down and read a book.

So now, what can I do to add furniture for a larger, more comfortable living room? Ikea has a chaise that i could add on, but they don't have the same fabric color as current loveseat. So the entire addition would come in at $500 (for chaise and new covers), which seams like a lot just to expand the loveseat.

What are folks thoughts? Keep the loveseat as a small couch and add two or more accent chairs? Add a full size couch? Add the chaise lounge?

Thanks for any thoughts. I'm feeling a little stuck with the loveseat, and hope we can make it work. I do like the color and lines, but want more cozy options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Karlstad Loveseat

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