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Home inspection - basement leak

9 years ago


We are thinking of buying this house. We like the location and the layout of the house and we are getting a bit of deal on the house because of the seller's personal situation. The house has a finished basement with wood panels and carpet floors.

During the home inspection yesterday, when the inspector checked under the carpet, we realized that there was water leakage in one of the basement corners.

According to the inspector, grading could be an issue behind the leak. When we checked the exterior, the ground at that corner was sloping in.

The seller has been living in that house for about 5 years and he told me that they did some work to improve the grade.

Here are some questions that are going through my mind.
1. Would there be mold behind the wood panels?
2. Would I be able to fix the leak? How much would it cost?
3. How big is the real problem?

Any suggestions, ideas?


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