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Home Inspection Help!!!

16 years ago

This is what was in my home inspection. My house is around 100 years old. Can someone help me figure out what all this is?

1406. Fireplace Condition Safety Item. The flue is open into the attic; blocked by insulation. Recommend that a fireplace specialist permanently seal the opening with steel to prevent accidental heat or flames from entering the flue and attic spaces for safety.

1803. Walls Seek Further Review. 1.) Active leaking observed at the foundation wall. The framing at this area was extremely wet. Recommend repairs as needed. 2.) Efflorescence observed at foundation perimeter; this is a mineral deposit left behind from exterior water infiltration, recommend consulting sellers as to moisture problems or a licensed contractor for review. See gutter and carport slab comments.

1.) Evidence of prior repairs observed at kitchen and laundry flooring, unable to determine effectiveness of repairs. Client is advised to consult sellers or a licensed building contractor for additional information prior to closing. 2.) Evidence of fungi/mold noted at several floor framing areas. See standard CL100 termite, moisture, and mold report for more information. Fungi/mold testing should be conducted by a certified mold test technician if concerned by this observation.

. Some center posts have been removed and replaced with stacked blocks which may allow settlement to occur. Client is advised to consult licensed building contractor for additional information prior to closing.

. 1.) Flexible plastic drain tubing has been installed from the laundry is improperly connected into the plumbing waste lines near the hatch opening under the bathroom; improper or missing fitting noted. This line is also not properly sloped/supported for positive drainage. Evidence of leaking noted at the improper connection. 2.) Active drip type leak also observed at t\supply pipe fitting under the center bathroom. Recommend further review or repairs as needed by a qualified licensed plumber

The temperature pressure relief valve discharge line has been reduced in size. In order to help assure safety should the valve activate, the discharge line should be composed of inch metal pipe to allow complete draining. Suggest installing the required ¾ inch discharge pipe on the TP valve draining to daylight to ensure safety.

2808. Electrical Repairs Needed. 1.) Open splices were observed in the front bedroom closet. This is a "Safety Concern". Whenever an electric wire is cut and reconnected, the "splice" should be encased in a covered "junction box" to prevent shocks and separation of the splice. 2.) Exposed wires that pass through the closet may be the wrong type and not rated for permanent household use. All exposed wires should be properly covered where they can be damaged. Client is advised to consult with a licensed electrician prior to closing for repairs/replacement as needed to ensure safety.

1812. Distribution/

Ducts Repairs Needed. Ducts are lying on the ground at some areas. Recommend securing to framing or excavating under the ducts to prevent moisture and mold accumulation. Recommend review/repairs as required by a qualified licensed HVAC contractor.

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