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What color walls should I have in my bedroom?

13 years ago

Hello everyone,

I need help with either my walls or my curtains :)

My bedroom is currently all painted in white. I have a window and a door next to it. The floor is wood, my bed frame is dark wood. I have wood blinds on the window (same color as my bed) and white curtains over the blinds and the door.

I currently have white curtains (that I can return if need be). I was thinking about painting 2 of the walls (the one behind the bed and the one with the window and the door) a shade of gray that goes well with my bedsheets.

I have 2 options:

- Find a nice color for 2 of the walls (I think I would keep the other 2 walls of the room white)

- Find different curtains to go over the door and the window on each side of the wood blinds.

What do you guys think?

I will try to post pictures tonight so it's easier to visualize :)

Thank you very much!

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