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Dining room painting advice needed

15 years ago

I'm in need of some advice regarding a tricky (to me) painting dilemma. My husband and I want to get our empty dining room ready by Thanksgiving and have talked about painting the walls some shade of red. We have an open floor plan and I'm afraid the red paint will make the downstairs look too busy or disjointed. A red room would flow nicely into the great room, but I'm concerned about the color clashing with the kitchen, which is BM Castleton Mist (looks a lot greener than on BM's website). We also are not sure where we would end the dining room paint: at the doorway (and install moulding to break up the wall) or continue it to the end of the wall which meets up to the kitchen. The rest of the downstairs is blah beige and will probably stay that way for a while.

I welcome all tips on where to end paint on a wall that keeps going to the next room and suggestions for good red shades for a dining room (that won't clash with our light yellowy-green kitchen.) I really like a dining room Candace Olsen did with PARA Paints Terra Cotta red walls.

Empty dining room:

View of dining room doorway from the great room:

Divine Design dining room:

Thanks for reading!

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