Need so much advice for kitchen/dining room/living room remodel

3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I need some serious help on remodeling our 1970's three rooms for an open concept. I've attached photos of the three rooms with the walls still up. The center walls will be removed and after that I'm at a loss on design. I have ideas but not sure where to start other than I want to work with our dining room table and hutch. They've been handed down to me and I want to keep them. I'm not a huge fan of country decor (they were previously in a log home) but I figured I could mesh a couple styles. A few things: we are going to have to paint the kitchen cabinets since that part isn't in our budget yet. Where the wall is with the round glass table in the kitchen, I would like to add an island with cabinets underneath since we are lacking them and counter space. The paneling on the one dining room wall that covers both dining room and living room wall will be removed. I do like white/off white cabinets and love the grey colors. We will be putting hardwood floors throughout. Now the question on colors. The dining room table color vs the color of the closet and downstairs door are complete opposite and I have no idea what color the floors should be. Not sure I would like light color flooring. I would like the base of the island to match the wood colors but that would probably end up as a third wood color and not match anything. I'm at a loss. By the way, our refrigerator kicked the bucket last week and we had to purchase a new one so we will be going with stainless steel appliances. I haven't even thought of the countertops or the backsplash yet :) Thank you all for any advice you can give.

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