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Need advice, neighbors make me nervous

11 years ago

Hi, I am a single parent to a now 17 year old. We lived in the same duplex for 15 years, then I bought an older 1924 2 bedroom bungalow at a great price (foreclosure), I put 20% down, no FHA. I had the bones and layout I was looking for, new furnace (had looked at some with really OLD furnaces), solid foundation. But not exactly in the neighborhoods I was looking in (they were a little out of my price range, had foundation probs., or the flippers would get them 1st).

My neighbors on both sides are terrible. One side (corner house) has a retired guy who inheirited the house from his dad who passed, and lives there with his wife and mentally challenged/weed smoking/drinking/thieving 32 yo son. Dad has nothing to do and works in the yard w/ power tools most of the day. They had 4 dogs, the 'wolf' passed away, but I suffered for 2 years with CONSTANT barking. I did go to them once, and was 'threatened' that "he owns the neighborhood" and "he will talk to his gang friends about me", ect. He has made it known he has a gun.

Generally he is TOO friendly and wanting to know my business. I get the feeling he watches me when I mow or shovel, and I dont feel comfortable in my backyard having a conversation, let alone in my backyard for 2 years due to his pitbull chasing barking and lunging at the fence at me.

I did go to the police when he 'threatened' me, and they simply told me it was his 'male bravado' and I shouldnt take it seriously (nice protection, makes me feel really safe!). About the lunging, animal control said "as long as its inside a fence, they cant do anything." I have been too intimidated to file a complaint with AC because I must leave my name. I did call there recently (just to vent...) and was surprised that now his pitbull has been declared "potentially dangerous" and must be on a muzzle with a 3 foot leash at all times (which though the barking has decreased DRAMATICALLY, he still lets it out w/o the above).

The son has set 2 small fires btwn my garage and the womans on the other side, has tossed liquor bottles in my yard, has called me names, smokes and sells weed in the alley, and has stolen from my backyard. This last dramatically stopped when I told the dad that I installed video surveillance (which I didnt). The son has been absent for about 4 months now...

On the other side is a 30 something woman who rents from her brother who couldnt sell his house for what he owed. She parties, has a loud pitbull, too., firepit all summer long at night, tosses garbage in my yard occasionally, and has also called me names (she is friends with son, above).

My son and I have stayed inside mostly, and I lost all enthusiasm for this house.

The neighborhood is not supportive like the last one I lived in.

Shall I prep this house to move? Is this too negative an atmosphere? I am living in limbo!! I am stressed out. Does it sound stressful?? Is it something I can overcome, or is it a losing battle that I should cut my losses? How do I sell this and where do we go? Do we store our things and rent for awhile? I need direction and help. I am very depressed about this whole situation!

The other side

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