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Looking for ceramic tile with translucent glaze - no crackle

9 years ago

I'm obsessing over backsplash options right now. I've been very decided that I want a ceramic subway tile, and now I'm certain that I DON'T want a crackle tile.

I've decided that what I really like it a colored ceramic tile with a translucent glaze. I've found a few that I like, but the colors aren't quite right for me (the Lowes Allen and Roth dove color is beautiful, but I'd really prefer something more colorful). I'm going to set up an appointment with the nearby Ann Sacks rep.

I'm wondering if anybody has other suggestions of tiles I should look into. The thing in my area seems to be natural stone backslashes, so I have a hard time finding any ceramic wall tile at all in my local tile stores, much less something so specific.

Any suggestions? I'd like to stay under $15 per sf...

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