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*** Honey Bunches of Oats ***

16 years ago

Wow, have any of you seen the constantly appearing ads for the Honey Bunches of Oats block party on this forum? It is for 99 of your friends! Wow, I hope so bad that I win this block party!!! Wouldn't that be the best? This would be so great that I'll bet that I could even get stars like Brad and Angelina to [maybe it would be more like Roseanne and Rosie!].

They say that they will bring the Honey Bunches of Oats, and I just bring the friends. Who brings the milk (or actually juice because I hate milk)? Maybe they did not plan for the milk ?!? We need to call them and inform them of this emergency! It could even start a riot if 100 people were at a cereal party without milk? If someone wore a 'Got Milk' t-shirt they might even be mugged! Imagine if nursing mothers atteneded...I'm not even going to finish that one! We need to call them asap!

All planning aside, I must say that I can't wait until the drawing...I hope I win - I will invite ALL of you !!!

For those of you that think I'm off my rocker and...well...oh forget it.

Boog ;-)

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