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Questions about non-pulled permits and selling a house

15 years ago

We have an 1800 sq. foot 1995 house. It had a screened porch with the same slab as the house, electric outlets against the wall adjoining the living room and kitchen.

We added drywall, insulation, siding (pulled from interior of the porch area and put on the exterior once it was drywalled).

So, in our area, when I called the inspector and asked if we need permits, he asked, will the job cost over 500.00. Well, I told him the truth -- the drywall and stuff cost about 300.00, and the door was 125.00. His response was "don't lose sleep over it." We didn't change ANY framing or electrical.

Now, 3 years later and we are thinking of selling. The room doesn't meet "code" b/c there are no electrical outlets on the outside walls (2 of them).

Other than full disclosure of our experience, do we need to provide any thing else? Thanks!

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