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Do You Ever Feel Bad For The Other Buyer?

9 years ago

Before I bought the house I wanted in the neighborhood I wanted, I put a bid on a fixer upper house that was accepted. I knew I had to put a lot of money into the house but the home inspection killed the deal. I was willing to put money into the house but the 12 inch crawl space foundation, mold, and electrical issues killed the deal. In all reality the house would need to be torn down. But the lot was fantastic.

So we took a pass and in walks the other buyer. A 20 something kid who paid 25% more than our accepted offer. I know one of the first issues to be addressed was to properly vent the roof and that has not been done. The inspector told me that the mold growth would be worse in winter. I feel bad when I drive by the house knowing that what i know.

Do you ever feel bad for the "other" buyer?

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