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Do you ever feel like the 'counter top' police?

9 years ago

As I think about all the people, who may end up 'helping' in the kitchen, I just can't image anything that isn't super durable and can take just about anything. The one thing I do think I could get them to do is use a pot holder...but do those of you with more sensitive countertops...ever wonder if you've become the 'counter top' police? And if so, do you ever tire of it?

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like having to constantly say 'don't set that there' or 'not without a towel under it' would make it difficult for others to help in the kitchen. Of course, I know I won't always be there, when they're helping. My mom will be living with us soon, which means even more nieces/nephews visiting...and my husband's friends, too. I want to make sure everyone is welcome in the kitchen and it's pretty, but indestructible. :)

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