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Color ideas for quick kitchen and bath update?

13 years ago

Since we've talked my bungalow living room choices to death, I thought I'd take a break and think about the kitchen and main-floor bath. (Sorry to be dumping this on the forum all at once, but I need to make paint decisions about the whole house in a hurry so I can get the painters in and out before I need to move in with my dogs. It's too much to do myself on my usual dithering, priming, rolling, and re-dithering painting schedule! :-)

Here's the brief: with both the kitchen and bath, I plan to do a major, period-appropriate remodel a few years from now when I can afford it, so what I want to do now is a quick and inexpensive color update that makes these rooms cheerful to be in and more in keeping with my lights-brights-pastels aesthetic.

Anyway, the main bathroom has inoffensive off-white tiles (on the slightly pink-taupe edge of offwhite), white tub and toilet, and a fairly rich but not dark brown vanity that doesn't show up in these pics, which I don't love but which will be very convenient for storage.

The original medicine cabinet and the sconces next to it are the nicest part. The vanity top is in rough shape and I'm going to replace it with something that looks fresher and goes better with the other fixtures. I want to replace the knobs on the vanity drawers; paint the walls a fun color; and pick out cheerful new towels, rug, and shower curtain. We can pretty much start from scratch with the colors, so fire away!

In the kitchen, the walls are currently a muddy butterscotch that's actually yuckier in person than these pics indicate, and the countertop is, to put it politely, not my style at all.

To do: pick a new wall color; replace the countertop with a more striking and cheerful laminate; replace the faucet; decide whether to paint the cabinets to help disguise the fact that the upper cabs don't fit the space properly; decide how best to use that weird space on the right-hand wall where it looks like there ought to be an extra microwave.

As a starting-point, my countertop accessories are in bright primaries, like these canisters, plus a cobalt-blue toaster.

Suggestions welcome!

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