What to do with water softener problem

10 years ago

I've had this water softener for 10 years. It's an Alamo Brand with a Fleck 5600 metered control value. The salt had kind of congelled together like mud at the bottom of the brine tank. It sat that way for about 6 months. I eventully emptied the brine tank - cleaning out all water and salt. I also replaced the meter cover. I recently used a Lowe's water test kit - it showed our hardnedd between 7 and 10. The water doesn't feel "slimy" like it used to and I noticed shower head nozzels beginning to plug up. So, I just don't think it is softening like it used to. I've read a number of things on the web and the owner's manual. And I'd like to see if anyone can suggest how to start diagnosing this unit. Obviously I'm looking for things I can do first - withotu having to start taking it apart. I thought about using salt with iron remover, but the water test showed no iron in our water. So, I'm assuming iron in the resin is most likely not the issue. I haven't done this yet, but I thought about mnually regening several times over a short period - hoping that might help the resin. Next step might be to clean the injectors - but would that be a problem if water seemes to be flowing thru the unit just fine now when I manually regen? What about replacing th resin? Yet most I read on the web seems to indicate that resin rarely needs to be replaced. I will say that the main dial on he control value (the one you turn to manually regen) is really, really, really hard to rotate. I don't know if the unit is correctly regenning on its own - I'll check to see if the salt level is going down on it's own - like I said, I know the salt decreases after a manual regen.

I've already spent approx. $60 for the meter cover. If I end up spending a couple hundred more to replace various parts, I would have rather just replaced it for $500-$700.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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