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Long curtain rod, wood-trimmed windows, will this work?

14 years ago


All of my windows are trimmed out in woodwork, like this:

I want to hang a curtain rod (it will be custom-made to fit the length of my window, not an adjustable rod) across these windows in my living room:

I want to hang a brown velvet drapery panel on either side. The drapes will likely never be closed - their purpose is to frame the window, not provide privacy. I was going to mount the brackets for the rod on the drywall, not on the decorative wood trim - like I've done in my bedroom:

However, the living room rod will be about 126" long so it will need a center support bracket and the one that comes with the rod won't fit properly if I mount it on the wood.

The width of the living room window set is 118". The drapes would be 84" long - that would allow me to hang the rod across the least deep part of the wood trim, as seen here:

Surely I'm not the only person here who has had this problem! Does anyone have any suggestions? My style is a cross between Pottery Barn and West Elm. Here is a picture of my living room/kitchen area so that you see the space where I plan to put the drapes:

Thanks in advance!


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