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Hanging a wood framed mirror over a wall to wall bathroom mirror

I posted in bathrooms but thought IÂd ask here too, to get more exposure/opinions. ItÂs more of a design issue. The Bathrooms forum often seems absorbed in technical issues much more complex than mine. This is abbreviated:

My newly renovated Craftsman style powder room still has its original, large glued-on wall mirror that fills up the whole wall horizontally over the vanity and toilet. The wall and the mirror are about 6 feet wide.

Before the renovation I had bought a Craftsman style wood framed mirror to use. There is no place else in that small room where it will fit. It is NOT an option to still remove the wall mirror. The Craftsman mirror is 35.5" H x 23" W, and can hang either vertically or horizontally.

What would it look like if I hung it over the wall mirror, centered over the vanity? The vanity is on the left side of the wall. The toilet is to the right of the vanity. The big wall attached mirror is over both of those. I think it might actually help to balance or ground the visual weight of the dark wood vanity with its black granite top. It can be hung vertically or horizontally. Horizontally it is the exact same width as the vanity. I know it would NOT look good centered over the whole mirror.

Can anyone show me how this looks, if you have done it? Thanks! And how would I do it? I assume some kind of cable, but what? What would be strong enough and unobtrusive as well? I doubt if I would be lucky enough to find 2 studs in the right place.

Visualize thisÂwith a big wall mirror behindÂand stretching 3 feet more to the right! Plus filling all the vertical space from vanity top up to the light fixture. Even with that picture IÂm having hard time imagining it myself. I guess I really need to see it done elsewhere.

Thanks for the help!

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