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Bathroom mirror size over double vanity - single or double?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm having trouble deciding on the mirror(s) for out guest bathroom vanity. I had envisioned having one large framed mirror so that three people can use the mirror while getting ready. I also thought the one mirror would make the space feel bigger and also reflect into the tub/shower room (I love the way the tile came out). My husband thinks two mirrors would look better and wants to see the texture of the wall behind it. The vanity is 7' wide and it is 46" from counter to the bottom of the light fixture. I was considering 67" wide x 34" high with a 2" thick frame. This would allow a mirror wide enough so that it lined up with the outside of the sinks. One of my guests is 6'4", so I want it hung high enough for his viewing. So, one or two mirrors? If one, how big? The pictures show the vanity area, looking into the space, and the shower/tub room behind it. Appreciate all advise!

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